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Ferguson Pack v1.0.0.0 Mod

The Ferguson TE20 was first introduced to the British market in 1946 to 1956 and was made in the Standard Motor Company factory in Banner Lane, Coventry, England. The first engine used in the tractor was an American Continental engine for 2 years, then it was changed to a Standard Petrol engine and labelled as the TEA20 (shown in the pack). Later in the manufacturing history, a petrol TVO/paraffin model was introduced in 1948 as well as a diesel model in 1951. There was 517,651 of many variations, such as narrow, vineyard and industrial, of the tractor manufactured in the 10 year period and many were exported all over the world. Including an extreme expedition to the South Pole by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1958.

Ploughs: The Ferguson plough was one of the first implements made to fit the TE20 tractor, it revolutionised the agricultural world as we know it today with the TE20 and it’s famous 3 point linkage system. The Ferguson ploughs were originally made in 1, 2 or 3 furrow configurations, with the single furrow made for heavy ground or ground reclamation work. The most common 2 furrow plough was for standard work and a 3 furrow plough was offered for lighter soils and as a kit form for 2 furrow models, if farmer’s felt that their tractor could pull an extra furrow in certain ground conditions. In the pack, we include a 4 and 5 furrow model to go with the tandem tractor included as some farmers and dealerships, when they got larger tractors, decided to join ploughs together to suit their needs. The original purpose for the Ferguson TE20 was to make ploughing more efficient, easier and safer, compared to the machines of it’s day, so in the Ferguson pack we include the whole range of Ferguson ploughs.

Sawbench: Ferguson was keen to show that the TE20 could do more than just ploughing and cultivation work and a good example of this is the Ferguson sawbench. This handy tool could be brought straight to the wood and start work immediately with only the touch of a lever, unlike previous sawbenches where you had to setup long dangerous belts. The first Ferguson sawbenches, with a model number of A-LE-19, had an angular blade guard, but still a considerable amount was open! And a later improvement in the guard was seen in the later A-LE-20 model with a round guard, which covered more of the blade, and improved design of the overall frame.

Log Grab: A log grab was originally marketed alongside the Ferguson tractor for use in forestry applications, using the 3 point linkage to lift a part of the whole tree off the ground to reduce friction, therefore working faster and more productively.

Banana loader: The Ferguson tractor was known for it’s advances in agricultural machinery of the time and one of them were the introduction of a hydraulically powered loader to shift manure, bales and anything else the farmer needed to move, lift or carry. Ferguson originally made a small loader (L-UE-20) mounted on the front axle, this loader was designed to be able to load manure from the shed/heap and into the Ferguson manure spreader, so it only could lift to 1.67 metres and could only lift 270kg. This is why it is sometimes referred to as the ‘teaspoon’ loader due to it’s restricted capacity. But, to aid farmer’s who needed to lift more and lift higher, Ferguson manufactured the high lift loader (M-UE-20), which is sometimes referred to as the ‘banana’ loader, due to it’s curved lift arms. This loader can lift 505kg to 3.35 metres and an ahead of it’s time feature, it has a hydraulic bucket/fork, instead of the trip mechanism commonly used on loaders at the time. Also, to improve traction and stability, a rear concrete weight was sold alongside the loader to counterbalance the load. This is the loader included in the Ferguson pack.

3 ton trailer: A general purpose trailer with a weight limit of 3 tons (3050kg) and a 2.75 cubic yard capacity was made to fit the Ferguson tractor in 1946 with a complicated 3 point linkage attachment system, commonly known as the Mark 1. Then in mid 1947, a more conventional ring type hitch was added, along with an ‘automatic’ pick up hook on the tractor lifted by the 3 point linkage, unlike the trailers of the time where you had to get off of the tractor and push in a pin, usually with heavy lifting involved of the trailer drawbar into the tractor’s clevis. The Ferguson trailer could be supplied as tipping or non tipping and had drop in sides with a fold down tailboard. The trailer has metal frame, chassis and a wooden floor and sides. Also, the trailer could be specified with grain sides, silage sides, and/or hay lades to be used all year round, this really is a multipurpose trailer.

Pack List:

TEA 20 Standard: Price: 2500$, Max Speed 21.3 km/h, Power: 23.9
TEA 20 Halftracks: Price: 2800$, Max Speed 21.3 km/h, Power: 23.9
TEA 20 Tandem: Price: 4800$, Max Speed 21.3 km/h, Power: 47.8

Ferguson Shovel: Price: 120$, Capacity: 500 litres
3 Ton Tipper: Price: 650$, Capacity: 3000 litres
Sawbench: Price: 240$
Back weight: Price: 120$, Weight: 500kg
1 furrow plough: Price: 100$, Width: 1m
2 furrow plough: Price: 170$, Width: 1.5m
3-5 furrow plough: Price: 250$, Width: 3.5m
Log Grab: Price: 230$
Silage fork: Price: 150$, Capacity: 550 litres
Pallet fork: Price: 70$

More implements coming soon!

Credits: North Modding Company
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  1. Dustin says:

    This is unbelievably cool! Great stuff.

  2. cliff says:

    The american Fergie had fenders that covered the wheel when i was a kid I spent many a day riding on the fender with my grandfather on his 55

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