How to make a good Mod for Farming Simulator 19

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How to make a good Mod for Farming Simulator 19

If you are looking for information about creating your own Farming Simulator 19 mod, you have landed on the right place. We will provide you with all needed steps.

Let’s start from the scratch: who is this guide for? Our tips are for those who are willing to create Farming Simulator 19 mod. There is nothing in relation to how to edit a mod or create a map.

But the most important thing to mention is that the process of creating Farming Simulator 2019 mod is a long run, so you should not expect instant results…

If you wonder, how much time it can take, there is no one answer. It depends a lot on how much time you are willing to spend on learning how to create FS 19 mods. Let’s say if you are going to spend few hours weekly, the whole learning process can take around half of the year.

We bet it sounds a really long time and it actually is. But the most important is that learning how to make Farming Simulator 19 mod is really rewarding. After actually nailing it, there won’t be any boundaries!

One of the motivating goals could be that if you start on the process now, in few months you will be able to create all kinds of mods including the missing equipment and all kinds of machinery.

Farming Simulator 19 3D Models

3D Models is essential part of this guide. You wonder why so? It’s because everything in the game is 3D. For this reason, each FS 2019 mod will require 3D modeling knowledge. However, there is an extremely useful tool – Blender. This software is available without any payments and is simply irreplaceable. Only one thing – it’s a bit complicated in the beginning, therefor keep calm and don’t get scared. Even it will require some weeks of your time, it’s a must getting to know it.

The good part is that you are not alone in this struggle – there are loads of tutorials which will definitely help you to become a pro in Blender regards to Farming Simulator 19 mod creation, so take this into account and help yourself!

But the recommendation is to start with Blender’s official introduction videos. They will be useful in getting to know various aspects:

  • Getting familiar with the user interface
  • Choosing objects
  • Adding or removing of objects
  • Intro to model meshes
  • Editing meshes
  • Intro to extrusion function
  • How to use edge loops and loop cuts
  • Etc.

If you want to improve in creating FS 19 mods fast, there is a couple of topics which are especially important – introduction and modeling.

Click here to access Blender guides for beginners.
You might as well find Blender Guru’s very useful, so check it out.

It’s all about Practicing modding for Farming Simulator 19

If you are serious about making your own Farming Simulator 2019 mod, start getting familiar with Blender. It is a starting point for creating something from scratch.

We recommend to begin with easier objects, such as creating a barrel. It does not really matter what– it’s more for practicing and remembering the needed steps to take, what are the shortcuts combinations and so on.

You should not have a big goal for your first Farming Simulator 19 mod project. The process of creating it is much more important. The best creations will be waiting for you in the future.

Optimization of Mods for Farming Simulator 19

It’s no surprise that it’s important how much power your console or computer has. There is a great selection of different specifications, therefore Giants faces a great challenge to meet requirements of all kinds of devices. This applies to FS 19 mods as well – there should be no difference which kind of computer you or other users have because all Farming Simulator 2019 modifications should be compatible for various circumstances. Keep this in mind when creating your own mod.

Avoiding Lagging on Farming Simulator 19

When starting creating your own Farming Simulator 19 mod, optimization is very important in order to avoid various lags. There is nothing more annoying than reduced performance due to modifications. This often happen because of too much details used when modeling. So, always try to work with as little of resources such as different parts or textures possible. It’s quite tempting to boost your model with various details but it will go really wrong once you upload them to the game.

This creates one of the greatest challenge for all FS 2019 mods creators: you will need to learn how to balance between modeling the fascinating 3D designs and keeping up within the optimization recommendations.

Regulations for creating Farming Simulator 19 mods

If you want to see the best mods created, visit Giants’ Modhub. Most of FS 19 mods found there have been tested by Giants’ team and could be taken as an example of mods that meet the highest requirements. It’s one of the ways to improve your Farming Simulator 19 mods modeling skills.

There is a set of rules to make sure that the mod is the best quality and optimized. You can find these requirement in Modhub and you should definitely follow them to make your FS 19 mod well-functioning and spread it between community members.

However, there is one regulation that we want to mention – Polycount. It’s a must in order to create a good quality mod!

But if you wonder, what it is, here is the explanation. All Farming Simulator 19 mods consists of triangles, one such a triangle counts as on polygon. Therefore the rule appears that Polycount is a sum of all triangles.

Let’s say an object is made of 15000 triangles, this means that it consists of 15000 polys. And here comes recommendations for mods creation for different mods types. There are four categories which has limited amount of polycount:

  • Attachments should fit in 40000 polys
  • Tractors are limited to 100000 polys
  • Trailers – to 60000 polys
  • Harvesters – 150000 polys

It’s all about Keeping the Balance

Of course, everyone wants to create a picturesque objects such as realistic tractors and similar. But detailed version of the tractor could include even up to 4 mln. polys which would mean a huge lag for all game.

That’s why we recommend to keep the balance while creating your own FS 2019 mod. It is your decision which aspects are the most important and which could be removed in order to keep up with the requirements and the best performance.

However, there is always a shortcut, especially when we talk about games. All these little objects details could be faked – this is where low and high poly mods classification appears.

The Process of Farming Simulator 19 Mod Creation

It is possible to create a good-looking visuals with as little resources and possible. You wonder how? It’s about having two versions of your Farming Simulator 2019 mod which are known as high and low poly ones and a normal map.

  • With a high poly model there is no need to stress about the polycount, you can create as extensive models as you like.
  • The low poly model is designed with reduced amount of details – this one will be used in the game.

The trick is to use a high poly model for the normal map in the low poly version. The result is that after adding it to the game, the quality seems really high with the highest level of details when they are not there in reality.

This might seem as an extra load for you, but it’s not as bad as you think. These are some recommended steps to follow that might ease up the process:

  1. Start with the more detailed high poly version.
  2. After that, a high poly model might be useful for creating a lower poly one.
  3. Finally, you need to create both the normal map as well as ambient occlution one.

The Process – Farming Simulator 19

It might seem tough to start with the high poly FS 19 mod. But you are not alone in the battle – don’t miss the best guides and video tutorials from professionals such as CG Masters’ Chris Plush.

It’s not a problem, if guideline is not for Farming Simulator 19 mod specifically. The basics of model a mod are the same for all games, so go ahead and watch the ones you like the most.

The best test to check, if you are ready for trying creating a mod yourself will be making a knife in Chris way – that’s the final step in preparation!

Editor of Giants for Farming Simulator 19

The very last step includes adding textures to your model and of course getting it approved to the Giants Editor. But this will be a topic of the following tutorial. Start with improving right now!

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