How to sell Wood Chips in Farming Simulator 19?

How to sell Wood Chips in Farming Simulator 19?

In the game of farming simulator 19, you can do a lot of different actions, for example, buy seeds or a tank for transporting water. Also, you can sell wood chips. But how to do it? So, today we would like talk about how to sell wood chips farming Simulator 19.

We all know that in this game players can earn money if they sell trees. You can sell it in a few meter parts; wood chips; firewood and wholesome.

In this game, you can cut down every tree, which is in your field or land. So, it can be an amazing number of trees. But not all trees are as good. For example, in Ravenport player can find a lot of trees, which can‘t be harvested in an automated way because of their irregular shape. So, what you can do with these trees? You can choose from these opportunities:

  1. You can cut these trees into smaller pieces and load them with the crane;
  2. You can cut it into firewood and then load manually onto any trailer;
  3. You can use a wood chip machine and make wood chips;
  4. You can cut down the whole tree; get rid of the biggest branches and transport it by tractor.

“Straight” trees.

What we can say about the straight trees? They are really nice. They are perfect, so you must remember, that this is not a good idea to cut them into parts. If you sell these trees in long pieces, you will earn more money. So, be smart.

Also, we must remember that there is one more choice – you can sell the whole trees. So, what to choose? Selling whole trees or selling long pieces of trees? We must notice, that very often people don‘t know what to do. So, if you don‘t know what to do also, just look at your equipment –  you will see then what decision is the best in your case. Let‘s talk about what equipment is needed for trees.

One of the equipment is A loader-trailer Stepa FHL 13 AK. We must notice, that this is very cheap. So, this equipment can be a good decision at the beginning of the game, when a player doesn‘t have a lot of money. With this equipment, you can cut trees to the small pieces. After that, you can put them onto the trailer and transport it to the shop. Also, you must remember, that recommended bale size is 4 meters.

Another choice is Fliegl Timber Runner. So, it is a very good decision for tall trees, because the recommended bale size is 8 meters.

If you want to load the trees onto the trailers, you can use different loaders, for example, skid steer loaders, a tractor or telehandlers. But be careful, because the whole trees can be a problem for a light vehicle.

Let‘s talk about the Harvester. It is a machine, which can cut the trees into pieces of a certain size. But we would like to say, that machines of this type, can be cheap and expensive. And if you think that there is no difference between the cheap and expensive machine, you are not right. So, let‘s talk about the differences.  The expensive machine is Komatsu/Ponsse and the recommended bale size 8 meters. The cheap machine is Sampo Rosenlew and the recommended bale size 6 meters. So, as you can see, there is a difference and if you use an expensive machine, you will save your time.

Also, we must talk about one more equipment. It is MAN TGX. And the recommended bale size is 6 meters.

  1. Remember one more detail: all trees (whole or in the piece), must be without branches.

But not all equipment should be expensive. For small trees,  or for those trees, which are growing in fields, you can use the cheap equipment. So, in this situation, a nice choice can be DFM CFB-16.

Trees (whole or in the piece) is a very big cargo. So, when you are transporting them, you must use belts to guarantee that cargo will stay in place.

Getting rid of trunks

There is one more equipment if you want to get rid of the trunks of the cut-down trees. It is FSI ST 65 T. You can find it Forestry machines tab.


Woodchips can be a great decision, because they have a lot of advantages. For example, you can make woodchips from any trees, bigger or smaller. Also, you can make it and from the branches.
If you want to make woodchips, you must buy a machine. So, now we will talk, what machine can be a nice choice.

  1. JENZ BA 725 – it is a good decision if you want to work with smaller pieces of wood and average bales.
  2. JENZ HEM 583 Z – it is powered by tractor. It is dedicated to average bales.
  3. JENZ HE 700 StA – if you want to find it, you must go to the shop and choose Objects tab. You can place it on any location on your land; moreover, the machine works all the time. Good news is that the woodchips would automatically be sold. But the downside is that the machine will cost 100$ per day, so you will have a lot of expenses.

Also, you must remember that woodchips can be transported in almost any trailer.

Planting trees

One more equipment is Damcon PL-75 and you can find it in Foerestry machines. By using this machine, you can plant trees on your field, if you buy special tree seedlings. There are some facts, which you must remember: first – one stillage of trees have only 20 seedlings; second – the distance between seedlings is around 5 meters; third – it is not necessary to fertilize the trees.

Summary and profitability

We must say that the length of the bales is important. If the bales are hight, you can receive more money. For example:

  1. Whole tree – 1200-1300$.
  2. 1 meter bales – 1800$;
  3. 2 meter bales – 1900$;
  4. 3 meter bales – 2500$,
  5. 4 meter bales – 3000$;
  6. 6 meter bales – 3350$,
  7. 8 meter bales – 3450$,
  8. Woodchips – around 1200$ – remember that the market price of woodchips fluctuates.

You must clean trees before selling. There are some important facts:

  1. The best choices can be Sampo Rosenlew and JENZ HE 700 StA.
  2. You can use your Harvester to carry the whole trees to the lumber mill.

How to sell wood chips farming simulator 19? It is a very important question. And now you finally know how to sell wood chips farming simulator 19.

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